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Amazon author central uk

Date: 26.11.2020
Author: shivam deshmukh

amazon author central uk

Author Central UK is only central if you live in the UK. For Amazon UK authors, it's a case of separation from the rest of the Amazon world. Click Join for free and use your KDP account information to sign up. Author Central is supported in these marketplaces:;; Amazon.​de. In this article, we break down the basics of Amazon Author Central, along with 8 Author Central UK may be particularly helpful if you write.

: Amazon author central uk

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Amazon author central uk -

So, in order to get you started, let's first create an Amazon Author Central account. You must have a book for sale on Amazon to get an Author Central sales account. Read the Terms and Conditions then click Accept. Enter the name your books are written under. A list of possible books appears. Select any one of your books to create the account. If your book is not in the list, you can search for it by title or ISBN. Amazon will send you a confirmation email to finish creating the account.

Amazon may contact your publisher s as an additional measure to verify your identify, which may take three to seven days. You should update it with your new books, photos, courses, or videos as you create them.

Step 1. Add an interesting biography Tell potential readers about yourself. Consider including interesting facts about your background, awards, hobbies, proud projects, and things that legitimatize you as an author and connect you with readers. Weiland even has links to her free opt in gifts in her bio!

So type it in Word, Evernote, or some other tool first, then copy and paste it into your profile on Amazon. Step 2. Add photo s to your profile Show potential readers who you are — a real and interesting person who writes books. Some authors include one professional author headshot , while others include a variety of professional and personal pictures.

Click Browse and select a picture. Click the box to confirm you own or have cleared all rights to the photo you are adding, and then click Upload photo. You can change the order of photos by clicking Manage and dragging the photo to your desired location. Step 3. Add your blog feed You can show teasers of your latest blog feeds by connecting your blog to your Page on Author Central.

When you add something to your blog, it will automatically update on your Amazon page. This should increase traffic to your blog and keep readers connected to you. Enter the feed address for your blog then click Add. Note: Make sure you enter the feed address, not the blog address. Step 4. Add video Having a book video or author video can definitely kick your Author Page up a notch and make it look more authoritative and legit! You can upload up to eight videos and choose the order they appear on your page.

Your video must be less than 10 minutes long; in one of these formats: avi, wmv, flv, mov, or mpg; and smaller than MB. Click Browse and choose your video. Click the box to confirm you own or have cleared rights to the video you are adding, and then click Upload video.

This can take up to 24 hours to completely process, and Amazon should send an email when the video is ready to go. Step 5. This is one of those things to check is working right on your profile when you review your final Author Page. We address those and some extra steps that you should consider and in the list below: 1. Include all versions of your books Make sure you have all versions of your books.

Past editions. Kindle Edition. On the Author Central Books tab, scroll to the bottom of your bibliography and click Add more books. Once you've found the missing title, click This is my book below the book. If Amazon lists your name as the author, you're done. Amazon asks what your pen name is, then they contact the book publisher to verify you as author. You can have up to three Author Pages with different pen names, and they will not be associated with one another on Amazon in any way.

There are not shared author pages, rather, each page is for an individual. So each author listed as a contributor to a book can claim the book under their account. You can reference and give a link to each other's Author Pages in your biography or a blog post to share the love. Scott and Barrie Davenport. This can create even more opportunities to get potential fans directly to your Amazon page filled with your Amazon books—especially through your author email list.

When Dave Chesson added an editorial review like the example below, he saw an immediate increase in book sales. And once you see the strategy behind it, you'll understand why it works so well. How incredible is that for book marketing? Notice how he bolded the names of the reviewers…this is because Pat wants to highlight the legitimacy of his writing.

So, when you're scrolling through his book's sale page, and you see a comment by another author you admire, it's instant legitimacy for Pat by proxy. Another option is to just show your 5 top reviews from your book.

Feature them so that there is a better chance your potential customer sees those first. Check out what Derek Murphy did for his Shearwater Fiction novel. PS: Isn't he amazing at book covers?! Click on the book you want and select the correct edition each edition is updated separately. Under Editorial Reviews, click Add. Follow the instructions to enter the review, the name of who wrote the review, and the name of the publication, website, or forum the review was received.

There are 13 Amazon markets worldwide. Not all of them have Author Central yet, but there are at least four, in addition to the U. Amazon site.

amazon author central uk Adding this may be a little trickier for some of us so you might need to test links or ask your webmaster. Under Editorial Reviews, click Add. Author Central is a neat little feature that not everyone knows about — but it gives you a bigger profile on Amazon and you can amazon author central uk it to let amazon author central uk readers know a bit more about you and your motivations for writing. You must have a book for sale on Amazon to get an Author Central sales account. Click the Join Now button: use your regular Amazon email and password to establish an account. Are multiple listings of your book showing up? Ask an Author Central rep to remove the duplicate listing.

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