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Amazon online business

Date: 25.11.2020
Author: Mitra Madan

amazon online business

Amazon online business -

amazon online business

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5 thought on Amazon online business

  • I had a Wells Fargo acct. I closed it and the next billing cycle I got a statement showing I had a $.02 balance from interest on the old acct I had closed. They sent me acct statements regularly for over 2 yrs on my 2 cent account. Don't know how much they wasted in processing and postage in that time. 😄😃🤣😂 The best part is they didn't have any accounts available for less than a $500 minimum balance. I always thought about stopping in and asking if I could look at my 2 cents, make sure they were treating those pennies right.

  • great,,, I believe everything is easy with your language, you can do and explain all things and giving great examples,, but if the interview is not your language u cant explain everything and say examples,, uunfortunatly I had not any interview in my language, so its my weak point in all interviews.