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Amazon prime store card payment

Date: 24.11.2020
Author: Commander Jai

amazon prime store card payment

Log into your Amazon credit card account online to pay your bills, check your FICO score, sign up Case-sensitive, may differ from your User ID. The Store Card provides special financing for qualifying Amazon purchases, giving you some time to pay without being charged interest. 7. Special Financing and Equal Monthly Payments. Offers are subject to credit approval. For new Store Card or Amazon Prime Store Card accounts.

Amazon prime store card payment -

When it comes to taxes and shipping charges, however, it gets a bit tricky. The subtotal of your shopping cart, which does not include taxes and shipping, is used to determine whether or not the purchase qualifies for special financing. So taxes and shipping are not included when determining your eligibility for special financing, but they are included in the actual balance that you end up financing. There are a couple exceptions to those rules.

When you use Pay With Amazon to make Amazon purchases from third party merchants, the total order amount, including taxes and shipping, is used to determine eligibility for special financing plans. And your first Subscribe and Save order is eligible for special financing, but subsequent Subscribe and Save orders are not.

You will not earn rewards on any purchases for which you choose a deferred financing plan. It will work out fine as long as you make every payment on time and pay off the full balance by the end of the term. Instead, figure out the appropriate monthly payment by dividing the total balance by the number of months in the term.

This is the amount you should send for your monthly payments. To be on the safe side, we suggest dividing your total balance by one less than the number of months in the term. Set your payments to be sent before the actual due date as well, to give yourself and Synchrony Bank more time for payment processing.

That will let you avoid the retroactive interest charges, giving you more time to pay off the balance at no interest. You can use them over and over again for different purchases, as long as you have the card.

But we want to stress the importance of understanding the terms and following them exactly, because many people wind up quite upset after being charged interest without knowing why. Say you buy a sweet new camera on Amazon, the Nikon D This purchase would qualify for deferred interest financing for 24 months, with a regular APR of Say cheese! This will happen if you accept a deferred financing deal and then make regular, non-financed purchases with the card.

Warning: This is about to get complicated. When you have multiple balances there are three possible payment allocation options, shown below.

When you make card payments , your payments will be applied to those balances according to your chosen payment allocation option. You can click or tap the image below to get a better view of the options. Big thanks to Nelson Strinko in the comments below for sharing this image! If you pay them off within a day or two the interest charges will be pretty negligible.

There may be some lag time between when you make purchases and when they post to your account, but try to pay them off ASAP. Take note that if your payment is enough to pay off a promotional balance during the final month, it will be applied to that promotional balance instead of your purchase balance. It would be better to incur a month or two of interest on your purchase balance, rather than fail to pay back your deferred financing plan and get charged interest on the initial balance for the full length of the term.

This lets you avoid interest , as well as a growing spiral of credit card debt. An obvious danger with this payment allocation system is that you may set it to a particular option and then forget it.

Equal Pay Financing Offers Amazon designates a selection of merchandise to be eligible for Equal Pay financing offers. Amazon may provide Equal Pay offers with different terms in the future as well.

Your Equal Pay balance will be the total cost of the order, including taxes and shipping charges. Your required Equal Pay monthly payments will be included in your overall minimum required monthly payment, which you can find on your billing statement. You can pay more than the required minimum to pay off the balance more quickly. That makes Equal Pay offers better than the deferred financing plans.

Shipping is free on this item. That amount will be added to your regular minimum required payment for any other charges you make with the card. As long as you make that payment on time each month, everything will work out fine.

amazon prime store card payment

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