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Chat de amazon mexico

Date: 23.11.2020
Author: PVK

chat de amazon mexico

Mali, Malta, Marshall Islands, Mauritania, Mauritius, Martinique, Mayotte, Mexico Piauí, Rio De Janeiro, Rio Grande Do Norte, Rio Grande Do Sul, Rondônia. Of America, BMI/Polygram Musica Calaca, SGAE) LA COPA DE LA VIDA (Draco and "Amazon Moon: The Music Of Mike Stoller" by Guil- herme Vergueiro. but also to chat with the Mexican TV network Televisa about making a new soap. For Amazon Connect Chat, your first messages per month are free during Mexico. $ $ $ $ Netherlands, $, $, $

Chat de amazon mexico -

There are no required up-front payments, long-term commitments, or minimum monthly fees. Learn more about our pricing below. For Amazon Connect Voice usage, you are billed on a per-second basis, after the first minute, plus any associated telephony charges. Amazon Connect Voice usage is determined by the seconds your end-customer is connected to the service. DID and toll-free phone numbers are charged on a per-day basis, and there is a per-second charge minimum 60s for any calls based on the type of phone number for inbound calls, and the destination of outbound calls.

To check for country specific pricing refer to the tables below. Taxes, surcharges, and fees may also apply. For US customers, placing calls to countries outside of the US requires requesting a service limit increase.

After you deploy your initial Amazon Connect contact center, you receive 90 minutes per month of Amazon Connect service usage, a direct inward dial DID number from the country in which the AWS region is located, 30 minutes per month of inbound DID calls, and 30 minutes per month of outbound calls made to numbers in the country in which the AWS region is located.

For US regions, you also get a US toll-free number and 30 minutes per month of inbound toll-free calls made from the US. For Amazon Connect Chat, your first messages per month are free during your first year. Tasks offers your first tasks per month free during the first year. Customer Profiles is free for the first year allowing you to ingest up to 1, profiles per month.

Contact Lens is free for twelve months offering 90 minutes for audio calls per month. Finally, with Amazon Connect Voice ID you can have transactions a month for free, during your first year of usage. The call lasts 7 minutes.

There are 3 separate charges that apply for this call: 1. There is an Amazon Connect service usage charge, based on end-customer call duration. There is the day charge for use of the German DID number. And there is an inbound call per minute charge for German DID numbers. Chat example An end-customer begins a chat through your website that is made possible by Amazon Connect.

The customer begins the chat by sending a message. The chat occurs over multiple hours with two different agents since the end-customer stopped responding and then later resumed the chat when the first agent was no longer online. During the chat, the customer sent 9 messages and the agents sent 15 messages. There is one charge for this chat: 1. There is an Amazon Connect chat charge, based on the total messages sent during the chat including initial message when chat was started.

Note: We may limit flow usage for tasks based on our acceptable use policy, service terms, and documentation. Example Assume that you have created 10, tasks in a month across your contact center, and you are in the second year of your use of the service.

You can ingest up to 1, profiles per month. A profile can include up to objects. An object is a table or entity that contains information related to a customer such as contact information, purchase, and contact history. A profile is created when an agent answers a customer's call or chat, when an agent manually creates a new profile, from pre-built connectors e. Profiles are matched with Amazon Connect data based on a unique name, address, phone number, and email.

Profiles that cannot be matched using unique identifiers will be each treated as a single unit. In this case, the , profiles are charged for 31 days, and the 20, profiles are only charged for 11 days. Contact Lens for Amazon Connect offers a free tier at 90 minutes for audio calls per month, the same as Amazon Connect free tier usage.

chat de amazon mexico

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