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Bank of america north beverly ma

Date: 29.11.2020
Author: Neymar Jr

bank of america north beverly ma

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2 thought on Bank of america north beverly ma

  • I worked with TransferWise for 3 days and was finally denied by them with no reason provided by them. ¬†They simply said I was denied service. ¬†I was asked for more and more information. ¬†I sent them up to 6 documents and they kept wanting more and more. ¬†Finally when they asked for my bank statement, I refused as no one gets to see my bank statement but me. ¬†They are not an option for me. ¬†I need to send money from the US to Spain. ¬†Currency Fair is not an option because as a US resident with a US bank account, I am not eligible to transfer money to Spain. ¬†I would have to live in a third country to transfer money from my US bank to to Spain. ¬†I am currently applying for transfer acceptance by XE.