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Missha light beige bb cream

Date: 06.12.2020
Author: Dhonish Tamchi

missha light beige bb cream

I have gone through several tubes already, but mostly in the shade 21 Light Beige. But when I saw shade 23 being sold in their limited edition at a. Get the best deals on Missha BB Cream when you shop the largest M Perfect Cover BB Cream (SPF42/PA+++) 50ml #21 Light Beige. M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF42/PA+++ (No/Warm Beige) $($ / 1 MISSHA M PERFECT COVER BB CREAM #27 SPF 42 PA+++ 50ml-Lightweight, Multi Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++ (#13 Bright Beige).

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Missha light beige bb cream -

Review: Missha Perfect Cover B. Cream since I bought my first one back in I have gone through several tubes already, but mostly in the shade 21 Light Beige. But when I saw shade 23 being sold in their limited edition at a very affordable price, I gave it a go.

After all, 21 was too light for me in the summer and fall. Packaging This is Limited Edition packaging made in collaboration with Line Friend, which is global character brand featuring memorable characters which was originally created for use as stickers for mobile messenger application. But now they have expended on many different areas, even beauty.

As far as I understand, they are very popular in Korea. This brown bear is called Brown. Even the plastic box that it came in has such a cute design. It comes with a brown pump and transparent cap. Pump lets you control the amount you want. I absolutely adore this tube packaging with pump, because I can always use up all of the product.

It literally shrinks to the point that it's paper thin, so you know you have used up everything. In it is 50 ml of product and at time it was on sale for 9. Formula I already have a review of this formula in shade 21 Light Beige. It's a creamy, slightly thicker formula that glides on the skin. You can blend it out just with your fingers or use a brush or a sponge, whichever you prefer. I find it to work best with a brush. Finish is quite luminous and gives your skin lovely natural sheen.

It's not dewy or greasy looking at all, just very fresh and sheeny. Obviously, with Asian BB creams you always get more than just a tinted moisturizer. It has a lot of skin care ingredients in it. Some herb extracts, ceramide, hyaluronic acid and gatuline RC to give your skin moisturized and calming effect.

Colors I believe there are 7 shades available, but in Europe or in most online stores you'll usually find less. You'll find most Korean BB creams have grey undertone. I usually use it mixed with my other foundations anyway, to match my warm light skin tone better. I have a lot of olive undertone, but in the winter my skin tone tends to look more neutral, so I can get away with it.

Comparison It's no denying that Korean BB creams have an obvious grey undertone - just look at the comparison with other foundations. Both of Missha shades have grey base to them, although 21 seems more neutral and 23 looks warmer. Once you actually blend it into the skin, grey undertone isn't that obvious.

I almost always mix these kind of shades with other warmer and more yellow toned foundations to get a more neutral to warm undertone.

Missha light beige bb cream -

Pros: - Medium to full coverage - SPF 47, so no need to apply for extra sunscreen - Great price Cons: - Not easy to blend, but not that hard either the creamiest BB cream I've tried so far - It has gray, pinkish tint and doesn't really go well with my skin which has yellow-ish undertone - Little oil control Oh and depend on your personal preference, this BB cream is seriously waterproof.

My sister went to a theme park and play water rides a lot and it still stayed in her face. You need oil-based cleanser to remove this. I wouldn't recommend using this to people with oily skin during hot days because your face will be really shiny no matter how many times you blot. It's pretty good choice for "cool" days, though.

I have combination skin, some redness around my nostrils and HUGE undereye circles. This BB cream does wonders on this respect: it absorbs excess oil on my T-zone for at least six hours, conceals blemishes and redness pretty well and gives an overall "porcelain doll-look" to my face.

BUT, the shade I chose No. I have light olive skin with golden undertones and this cream has a grayish hint that makes my skin look kind of dull. I need to put some loose powder on top to look more than me and less than Casper the ghost.

Besides that, I still haven't noticed the other effects anti-wrinkling,anti-aging and so on since I've only tried it for a week. Would I buy it again? Yes, but in a darker shade. I admit i got drawn in because everyone raves about Korean cosmetics. However, i been an avid buyer of korean cosmetics for many years now and i know what is trash and what is a bang for your buck.

This bb cream was so liquidy, drying like if putting wet paint and sticky after application that i could no longer call this bb cream but a nasty funky wannabe primer of the cheapest quality.

I have not even mentioned the color. I got the darkest color there was and even that turned out grey and pale. The tint stuck to my pores looking like if i was in dire need of hydration and let me say that i had proper kept skin. I was once told that many sellers here tend to hide the dates on their products, hence makeup tends to perform poorly overtime but i don't think that is the case here. BTW, I have a light complexion so i'm not sure if they cater to ghosts.

I have oily skin and it absorbs the oiliness on my skin. My skin gets soft and hydrated. I would buy it again. Plus I was looking for a bright coverage that wouldn't make my face look tan. It barely feels you have make-up on. I expected my face to slightly break out from trying new products on my face but this most definitely not didn't! The scent is floral and wears off quickly. The only thing I was somehow disappointed in the product is the oil-control. Nor that my face became oilier than before but I did not see any change the way my skin produced oil with this foundation on.

It simply remained the same. I have still to blot 2 hours later, the same I would had I not wear that foundation. I also bought Missha 21 for a pale coverage as well. I somehow like it better than the 13, given that I have a somewhat fair-pale complexion. The 13 pales my face up nice but once it oxidizes, becomes a tad dark at the end of the day, which I dislike. However, the 21 is able to keep the paleness I look for after 8 hours.

Plus, when it comes to cleansing my face, I've noticed how much my face has become fairer underneath. In overall, I would recommend this product for those with a very pale complexion, acne-prone skin as this product will not break you out.

missha light beige bb cream

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