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Coastal community bank marysville wa

Date: 24.12.2020
Author: Nathan Steele

coastal community bank marysville wa

the bank holding company for Coastal Community Bank, a Washington state Photo Systems, Marysville, Washington, a leading manufacturer of equipment. Coastal Community Bank, Relationship Manager - Elizabeth Johnson Marysville • Monroe • Snohomish • Stanwood • Sultan At Coastal Community Bank we. Our community bankers are seasoned, local professionals who know the landscape, the players, and what it takes to do business in North Puget Sound. coastal community bank marysville wa

Coastal community bank marysville wa -

Table of Contents Scalable operating model. We have invested in employees and infrastructure to enhance and expand our capabilities and support the growth of our franchise. In particular, we strive to adopt the latest technology to better serve our customer base and improve our operational efficiency. These investments include increasing staffing of our credit administration, finance and information technology departments and developing a full range of commercial and consumer banking services.

We offer our retail customers internet and mobile banking with peer-to-peer payments. We offer our commercial customers internet banking, remote deposit capture and online treasury management tools.

In addition, we use online tools to streamline the origination of small commercial loans. We believe these investments will support our future growth in a cost-effective manner. Our investments in technology and infrastructure have provided us with a scalable operating platform and organizational infrastructure that will allow us to continue to improve our operating leverage and continue our growth without significant investments in the near term.

Experienced senior management team. Our leadership team consists of experienced banking executives with strong ties to our markets, many of whom have experience working at larger financial institutions. Sprink, our President and Chief Executive Officer, has over 27 years of experience in the financial services industry, including 12 years in the Puget Sound region. Prior to joining the Company in , Mr. Sprink held leadership positions with several financial institutions in corporate finance, retail banking, commercial lending, private banking and trust management.

Edwards, our Chief Financial Officer, has over 32 years of experience in the financial services industry, including 23 years in the Puget Sound region. He has served as chief financial officer for both privately held and publicly traded Washington banking institutions.

Edwards joined the Company as Chief Financial Officer in Keithley, our Chief Lending Officer, has over 28 years of experience in the financial services industry, all in the Puget Sound region. Keithley served as chief lending officer and chief credit officer at other financial institutions.

Diversified loan portfolio. We have an attractive loan mix, with Approximately We believe that our knowledgeable and prudent approach to real estate lending results in relatively lower losses caused by defaults, as compared to other types of commercial lending. Table of Contents Well positioned for a rising rate environment. In anticipation of a rising rate environment, we have focused our business to emphasize the origination of floating-rate loans in our real estate loan portfolio and limited the number of long-term, fixed-rate loans.

Additionally, we currently fund the majority of our loan portfolio with core deposits, which represented Disciplined underwriting and credit administration. Our management and credit administration team fosters a strong risk management culture supported by comprehensive policies and procedures for credit underwriting, funding, and loan administration and monitoring that we believe has enabled us to establish excellent credit quality.

We monitor categories of lending activity within our portfolio and establish sub-limits that we review regularly and adjust in response to changes in our lending strategy and market conditions. Our Business Strategy We position ourselves as an attractive local community bank alternative to larger, more impersonal financial services companies. We believe that banking industry consolidation and branch rationalizations have led to an underserved base of small and medium sized businesses, many of which prefer to bank with a local financial institution with agile, highly responsive decision-making capabilities.

We seek to develop long-term relationships by offering a wide array of deposit and treasury products and services to complement our loan products and by delivering high-quality customer service. The following is a more detailed description of our business strategy: Strategically expand.

We aim to continuously enhance our customer base, increase loans and deposits and expand our overall market share, and we believe that the Puget Sound region specifically has significant organic growth opportunities. We have pursued measured growth through strategic de novo branch expansion. In the last five years, we have added five branches: two in , two in and one in As we identify attractive communities for expansion, we seek branch managers, lenders and business development officers prior to establishing a physical presence in any area.

We intend to continue expanding our physical presence in Snohomish and neighboring counties when good opportunities that meet our requirements become available. While acquisitions have not been a driver of our historic growth, we periodically evaluate opportunities to expand through strategic acquisitions. We believe there are several community banks that could be a natural fit for our franchise and could meaningfully enhance our value, and we follow a disciplined approach when evaluating any acquisition opportunities.

Organically grow our loan portfolio and lending staff. We have successfully expanded our loan portfolio by training and encouraging the growth of our junior lenders and by recruiting additional lenders in our existing and target markets. We believe we will benefit from our commitment to developing the next generation of talented lenders. We have created a culture in which our more seasoned lenders train their junior counterparts, enabling them to generate additional loan relationships as they mature in the business.

Additionally, by actively involving junior lenders, our senior lenders gain additional flexibility to expand their own relationships. In addition to Table of Contents developing our junior lenders, we seek to hire additional seasoned lending teams. We believe we are an attractive destination for top talent because we offer a platform of sophisticated product and service capabilities as well as the freedom and flexibility to follow customers in our market area without imposing strict territorial limitations on our lenders.

Additionally, we believe that having a marketable common stock as the result of this offering will assist us in recruiting talented personnel through our having the ability to offer the possibility of stock-based incentive compensation.

We believe that our commitment to the development of our lenders will lead to long-term continuity in personnel and the recruitment and retention of high-quality lenders in our markets. Fund growth through core deposits. We fund our loan growth primarily through customer deposits, as reflected by our ratios of core deposits to total deposits and core deposits to total loans of The strength of our deposit franchise results from our development and maintenance of long-standing customer relationships.

Our relationship managers and branch managers actively seek deposit relationships with our loan customers. We also employ business development officers to generate these relationships. We attract deposits from our commercial customers by providing them with personal service, a broad suite of commercial banking and treasury management products and convenient services such as remote deposit capture and commercial internet banking.

Dedication to community banking. We attribute our success to our adherence to the basic principles of community banking: we know our markets and our customers, and we are meaningfully contributing members of our communities. Our employees volunteer with, serve on the boards of and contribute to dozens of local organizations, and, in , we contributed the most volunteer hours per employee of the 75 companies ranked by the Puget Sound Business Journal. We empower our employees of all levels to make appropriate decisions on customer products and services.

By creating expectations of high-quality service and enabling our employees to deliver that service, we believe we have created an environment that attracts both employees and customers. Increase utilization of technology. We actively explore opportunities to use technology to improve efficiency, deliver superior service and drive growth without compromising our underwriting standards. We have installed cash recyclers in every branch, deployed automatic teller machines, automated portions of the origination process for commercial loans and implemented instant issuance of debit and credit cards.

We also provide commercial internet banking, remote deposit capture and online treasury management tools, as well as mobile and internet banking and peer-to-peer payment capabilities. We work diligently to make banking easier for small business owners, enabling them to focus on their businesses. Additionally, we actively recognize and monitor the potential impacts that emerging technologies may have on the banking landscape.

We periodically evaluate strategic partnerships with technology-focused companies that we believe will benefit our employees, customers and shareholders, generate additional fee income, enhance our product offerings, monitor our enterprise risk, or otherwise enable us to identify process or cost efficiencies.

We believe that the Puget Sound region specifically has significant organic growth opportunities.

Organically grow our loan portfolio and lending staff. Edwards joined the Company as Chief Financial Officer in We fund our loan growth primarily through customer deposits, as reflected by our ratios of core deposits to total deposits and core deposits to total loans of In addition, we use online tools to streamline the origination of small coastal community bank marysville wa loans. The first four digits identify the Federal Reserve district where the bank is located.

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