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Large money savvy piggy bank

Date: 19.12.2020
Author: sonu sah

large money savvy piggy bank

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3 thought on Large money savvy piggy bank

  • @Larue77 I'll try and explain one more time. When Prop 13 was passed limiting property taxes to 1%, all jurisdiction in the state scrambled to find other ways to get money. They took items that were originally paid out of your property taxes and separated them out and called them fees, or other phrase. In this way they could legally get around prop 13. By looking at the tax rate only, its not a valid comparison, one must look at what is paid for by the taxes. In many states, all the things we pay for as "direct assessments" are paid out of the general property tax, so they pay little in other property "fees". If all you're going to look at is the legal "tax rate" it is mirage, not indicative of what people pay for their real estate. This is a fact in today's society. It's easy to see the graphic in the video was just someone googling "effective tax rates", which I assume means average, since most properties are taxed by the county. As the old saying goes, "there are lies, damn lies and statistics".