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Us bank tower earthquake proof features

Date: 27.12.2020

us bank tower earthquake proof features

The building was designed to withstand an earthquake of on the Richter Scale. The tower has four glass-crowned setbacks, at the 48th, 57th, 61st, and 69th. Height rank. U.S. Bank Tower. Los Angeles United States. Download PDF. Overview; About; Videos; Research; Initiatives. Overview, About, Videos, Research. Aug 11, - "An earthquake is such fun when it is over." - George Orwell A long time ago, our ancestors believed earthquakes to be the act of the Gods.

Us bank tower earthquake proof features -

Below are the facts about the US Bank Tower. Bank Tower, and installed the company's logo on the tower's crown at the peak after the original logo of First Interstate was removed. However the local people prefer its common name Library Tower, which comes out of its location being across the street from Central Library, and it was built as part of the Central Library redevelopment. Uses: U. Bank Tower had been a pure office building with no hotels or observation deck since its opening until in June , when a new multi-level observatory opens to public.

The plan of this new addition was first proposed by the tower's new owner OUE group in , who acquired the building in , by this way they can earn an extra of money since the rent rate of the tower is quite low, which problem was the reason for its former owner decided to sell it. The tower also serves as an icon of the city, it can displays some new trends by the crown lighting at the peak of the building when nights come.

The crown is lit white in the usual times, and will be lit in a variety of colors in some special days like some festivals or events, this feature is similar to Empire State Building. There are around 10 skyscrapers exceeding meters situated around U. Bank Tower, the tallest completed one among them was once the Aon Center, which stands meters tall, in June a supertall skyscraper named Wilshire Grand Tower completed with an architectural height that taller than both U.

Height: meters feet , 73 floors U. Bank Tower has no spires, antennas or parapet added for higher height, the peak of the tower is a helipad, it's a solid and strong m tower, it had been the world's tallest building in terms of buildings with helipads and buildings situated on seismic zone before the completion of Taipei Tower.

A close up view of US Bank Tower from air. Before , U. Bank Tower had been the tallest building west of the Mississippi in America, or say, it was the tallest building out of New York City and Chicago in America. As of , the tower ranks 15th in the United States in height among skyscrapers, the buildings ahead of it in roof height are all from New York City and Chicago, and it ranks about th in the world.

Many years ago the tower can be ranked into the top tallest 20 buildings in the world, but after these years' construction boom taking places worldwide, lots of cities has started constructing the supertall skyscrapers no matter what the size the city is, the number of rank for U.

Bank Tower will continues to increase. Aerial view of US Bank Tower However in Los Angeles the tower will keeps holding the title of Los Angeles's tallest building by roof height for a long time, it will keep being regarded as the landmark and the most recognizable skyscraper of this renowned international city. Design and construction: In , two serious fires occurred at Central Library in Los Angeles, after that the city proposed a plan for redevelopment of the disaster-affected area, U.

Bank Tower was a project within that redevelopment plan. Bank Tower was designed by Henry N. Bank Tower is all based on the footprint's shape as shown below: The footprint shape of U.

Bank Tower Now given the shape of the bottom of the building, let's see how the whole tower takes its shape, note the color of each element: The constituent parts of U. Bank Tower After each elements in the first picture pulled up to the certain heights the tower finally takes its shape. From Another angle: The constituent parts of U.

Bank Tower, though it based on a totally different shape, it still always be confused with U. Bank Tower because of some of its features like height only 30 meters shorter , proportion, crown, color, window shape, and even the name. The building was designed to be able to withstand a Ritcher 8.

The construction of the tower started In , followed by a completion date in , the construction of the tower cost million dollars by that time, approximately million dollars in Owner: U.

Bank Tower was transferred several times, in , a Singapore based cooperation named Ocean Union Enterprise acquired the building becoming the new owner of the tower. Tourism and Sightseeing: A new two-layer observation deck named Sky Space has been opened in June , before that the tower had been strictly served as a pure office building, only for tenants and not opened to tourists, unlike the scene shown in the film Independence Day, in which a flock of people get to the roof of tower.

Observation deck on US Bank Tower Now things changed, in July , the new owner of the tower made a decision to transform the office space in 69th floor to 71st floor to observation decks and restaurant. The tower's 69th floor and 70th floor have been renovated into a multi-layer observation deck, including outdoor space on 69th floor. And 71st floor serves as a degree panoramic restaurant. Unlike what reported by many renowned media sites, the observation deck is not ft m high but is in fact at ft m off the ground, still pretty enough for enjoying the city views.

Location of observation deck on US Bank Tower The price of a visit is 25 dollars,it's quite expensive compared with other skyscraper based observation decks in America, e. Bank Tower's, and the cityscape viewed from these observatories are not less attractive than Downtown Los Angeles. The main reason for the high price is that it contains outdoor spaces where tourists can feel the air flow at such a height, that can not be found on Sears Tower or John Hancock Tower, besides, as an international city and the 2nd largest city Los Angeles enjoys a high reputation all over the world.

Additionally there's no other observation decks with such a height in the city. In March 3rd , Los Angeles Times reported that a glass slide will be added on the facade of the tower for people who want to be thrilled, but need another 8 dollars on the basis of observatory ticket. The slide officially opened in June. Bank Tower by roof height, this observation deck will stay as the highest observatory in Los Angeles for a fairly long time, another supertall tower in downtown, the Wilshire Grand Hotel also will get its own observation deck, but not as high as that of the U.

Bank Tower. Popular Culture: U. Bank Tower is one of the most notable landmarks of Los Angeles, the tower naturally has been featured in dozens of movies, TV series, video games. Independence Day film : An alien ship hovers over the U. Bank Tower, which attracts lots of people to get to the rooftop of the tower to show welcome, however soon afterwards the ship bombs the whole building out.

Bank Tower, before the snake arrived at the bottom of the tower the two people have arrived at the rooftop, due to the cylinder shape of the tower, the snake was able to climb up by wrapping around the tower and did that, soon afterwards it found the woman who it was chasing for on the roof top, at this time several choppers came and started attacking the snake, many choppers were destroyed by the snake, the snake fell down to the ground being badly wounded after a few minutes' fighting. Costantine film : When John Costantine is in the hell, there's a scene featuring the U.

Bank Tower destroyed in ruins. Terminator film : The story takes place in Los Angeles, where is a place destroyed and reigned by machines, the base of destroyed U. Bank Tower can be found in a scene when the role acted by Sam Worthington wandering in the ruins of the city after he revived from death. Bank Tower is among them, but it is only shown a few seconds in the scene.

US Bank Tower falling down seen in the film The island film : A couple of clones escaped from the horrific cloning factory and came to a city, which is future's Los Angeles, U. Bank Tower can be easily picked out among skyscrapers, many of which stand taller than U.

Bank Tower naturally appears in the scene, unlike the film , the tower and Empire State Building in New York City are all still standing after the striking of the hurricane. HourRush 2 film : In U. Bank Tower, Inspector Lee received a suspected bomb package, he ran to the rooftop with his partner to dispose the package, only to find it was a false alarm.

Bank Tower is shown in many scenes from different angles. Dark Knight Rise film : In a night on a building's roof, Batman invites Cat woman to get on his aircraft, then fly towards to a group of high-rise buildings in the distance, one of which is U. Bank Tower, in fact those high-rises are cut from Downtown Los Angeles's skyline, though the cityscape of Gotham in the film is mainly based on New York City, they mixes the LA skyline into the scene because of the glorious night view of Downtown LA.

Skyscraper film, not the new film : U. Bank Tower is in the background of movie poster, and it's where the most exuberant plots occurs. Supergirl TV series : The tower has appeared in almost every episode and shot from many different angles in the air, this is different from other TV series that show some iconic place in the same angles again and again in every episode. But there's one angle shows in every episode, that is a scene featuring the office building which served as supergirl's workplace looked up from Street, U.

Bank Tower is behind this building, but in order to make the office building looking more majestic, they cut the upper portion of U. Bank Tower, however U. Bank Tower appears intact from other angles. San Andreas film : U. Bank Tower corrupts in a 9. Bank Tower had been built so it appears in the game and serves as the tallest building in the game. The building has no name in the game, and is 3 floors taller than that of in reality.

This time the U. Bank Tower in the game is made more exquisite and accurate. The floor count is almost same as in the real one and the tower is named as Maze Bank Tower, of which the logo is installed on the crown of the tower, imitating the tower in real-life.

Unlike what reported by many renowned media sites, the observation deck is not ft m high but is in fact at ft m off the ground, still pretty enough for enjoying the city views. Located at Wilshire Boulevard, the skyscraper is topped with an observation us bank tower earthquake proof features and a rooftop pool. Managing movement When the earth moves, even the grandest structure goes with it, and engineers must plan to adapt. The crown is lit white in the usual times, and will be lit in a variety of colors in some special days like some festivals or events, this feature is similar to Empire State Building. Even that's a heavy responsibility. Bank Tower in the game is made more exquisite and accurate.

Us bank tower earthquake proof features -

According to the project site, Wilshire Grand is scheduled to be completed in , and it will be the tallest structure west of the Mississippi. But after five years of construction, it now has the tallest building west of the Mississippi, the Wilshire Grand, which at 1, feet now dominates the city's relatively flat skyline. With its 73 floors, the tower is home to the Spire 73, the "tallest open-air bar" in the Western Hemisphere, and, according to LAist, the view from the men's toilet is pretty great.

Located at Wilshire Boulevard, the skyscraper is topped with an observation deck and a rooftop pool. Externally, it's clad with LEDs, which glow after dark.

The reason Los Angeles has traditionally avoided so-called super tall towers is because the city is located on the San Andreas Fault line, an active earthquake zone. The Northridge earthquake caused 57 fatalities and billions of dollars' worth of damage, and ever since building regulations in the city have been strict. Angelenos live in fear of "the big one," or the next earthquake that could strike the city. To deal with potential seismic issues, the Wilshire Grand had to be made heavily earthquake-proof.

A tower of its size needs bracing in three places to ensure it won't collapse, while the foundations have to be strengthened. Steel supports help to absorb seismic energy. LA Downtown News reports that the tower can sway 17 inches without buckling.

But an engineer working on the skyscraper told the LA Times that it's impossible to guarantee such a large building will resist an earthquake: "You can ask that it will behave as well as possible, meeting at least the code requirements. Even that's a heavy responsibility. It's surrounded by 2 to 4 feet of concrete that's almost impenetrable," Christopher C.

Cho Yang-ho, chairman and chief executive officer of Korean Air, had waited 25 years to build the skyscraper, according to the LA Times. Bank Tower in Los Angeles, built at 1, feet in

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