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Can you use septa key card at atm

Date: 30.12.2020
Author: shyamal routh

can you use septa key card at atm

If you have money in the MasterCard debit Wallet you can use it to add funds to your Travel Wallet or purchase a SEPTA fare for your Key Card. You can't transfer​. This Card is not designated for business use and we may close your Card if we If a merchant refuses to accept your Card;; If an ATM where you are making a. office-com.usrg › can_septa_be_a_public_bank.

Can you use septa key card at atm -

This reimbursement will be limited to two cards per customer account. Register Online Create an account by going to www. This takes you to the Account Registration page. Fill in the field with your information and follow the prompts to complete the process. Once you are finished with Account Registration, you will receive an email to Confirm Registration. Click the link in the e-mail and you'll be ready to go. Return to www. Hit enter. On the next screen, there will be a red icon on the left that says Register Key Card.

Click on the link and include your digit Key Card number when it asks for "Key Card. Once you've entered all the information to register your Key Card, click submit - and your Key Card registration is complete. What do I do if my Key Card is lost or stolen? Report a lost or stolen Registered Key Card either by calling the Key Customer Call Center at or going online to septakey.

The funds in your Travel Wallet and your current Pass will be temporarily suspended from use until you get a replacement Card when you make this report so it's important to do it right away - and don't forget to Register your replacement Card as well.

The SEPTA Key Card is intended to be used by just one person, which is why we encourage everyone to register their Card as soon as they buy it and load a fare. Instead of each fare being an individual product, you can load or reload more than one product all on one Card.

If you usually purchase a Monthly Pass but have plans for an extended vacation or business trip during the upcoming month, you can easily change your SEPTA Key Card into a Weekly Pass or add money to the Travel Wallet to cover the days you know you'll be traveling; when you return you can easily go back to buying a Monthly Pass.

For fare details, see the Key Fare Product page. Can I tap my smart phone at the Validator to pay for my ride? It's in the plan that the Validator will accept an NFC enabled smart phone to pay for your ride - but not right now. When it is available, the fare for a single ride will be like paying cash, which offers no discount.

Right now, the answer is the same as using a smart phone. It's in the plan for the Validator to accept other contactless chip bank cards to pay a fare - but it's not available right now. If your employer or third-party Transportation Administrator manages your company's commuter benefit program, these transactions will be completed through the Partner Program portal on the SEPTA Key e-commerce website.

We're not ready to launch this feature so please check back for updates. More information will be available later. PATCO recently announced they are looking for a select number of riders to test their new Card starting in August We will keep you posted on the details.

What is a Transit Quick Trip? A Quick Trip is the same as paying cash for a single-ride fare for one person no transfers. All Quick Trips must be swiped at the turnstile. On Transit, it's currently only available for use on the Market Frankford and Broad Street Lines not good for use on buses at any time. You may have noticed that the turnstiles no longer accept coins cash or Tokens so a Quick Trip must be purchase at a Market Frankford or Broad Street Line Fare Kiosks; it will also be available at select City Trolley Stations and at 69th Street and Norristown Transportation Centers when the turnstile farelines go into operation at these locations.

A Quick Trip is only valid for use the same service day as it is purchased but it can be used at any Market Frankford and Broad Street Station so you can purchase 2 Quick Trips for round trip travel - but you don't receive any discounted fare.

You don't have to buy the card - we will continue to accept cash to ride the system - but you will always be paying the highest fare. I'm an occasional rider - is there any benefit to getting a Key Card? Yes, definitely. A Key Card is valid for 3 years and you have the option of putting money in the Travel Wallet so that you can pay your fare and receive a discount for travel - when you need to ride.

There are no fees or deductions for money unused in the Travel Wallet and if your Registered Card expires before you've used all the Travel Wallet funds you can transfer your balance to a new Card. Click this link - www. To qualify for the Transfer rate, the connecting trip s must begin within 90 minutes of the time you tapped to begin your trip. Remember, only valid transfers get the discount.

Otherwise, you'll pay the full discounted fare for the second or third trip. When the Travel Wallet feature for Regional Rail is introduced you will be able to use the Travel Wallet feature to pay for a single ride the equivalent price of purchasing a 10 strip of Tickets, which will offer the lowest price for a single ride or for parking at a SEPTA station.

What do I do with the Tokens I already have? Tokens will still be accepted to pay for a single ride on any Transit vehicle with a farebox buses, trolleys or you can use a Token at a Fare Kiosk to buy a Quick Trip for a single ride on the Market Frankford, Broad Street, or Norristown High Speed Lines.

While most customers find they can take the number of rides they need without ever getting close to these limits, we know this is not the case for everyone. The best option in these instances is to also add funds to the Travel Wallet, so that you can continue to receive a discounted fare even after the rides on your Pass have been exhausted.

Tickets will continue to be sold and accepted during the roll out of Key on Regional Rail. We will announce when Tickets will no longer be sold or accepted.

What is a Regional Rail Quick Trip? Regional Rail Quick Trips purchased from a Fare Kiosk are swiped through the turnstile reader to access the train platform at the five Center City Stations. The Key program offers customers several options on how to use the Card. The Card can also be used it to pay for coffee, groceries, shoes, and other items, anywhere a MasterCard debit card is accepted.

To use the MasterCard debit functionality, you must load value to the MasterCard debit wallet this is different from the Travel Wallet. There are fees associated with MasterCard debit use and there is a separate registration process to protect your MasterCard debit funds. Contact the Key Customer Call Center at for more details. You can't transfer money from your Travel Wallet to the MasterCard debit wallet and your Travel Wallet money can't be used to pay for things like coffee or groceries.

I see an expiration date on my Key Card what does that mean? Once the Card reaches the end of the month of the expiration date printed on the front you cannot reload any new SEPTA products and you will need to purchase a new Key Card. Learn more about what to do if your Card is getting ready to expire. If you have a current Pass, you can continue to use the expired Card through the valid travel period i.

The expiration date will prevent you from purchasing a Pass product that is valid for use after your Card expires.

You can continue to load funds to the Travel Wallet of your Card but please remember that you won't be able to use them after the Card expires. If your Card is already registered you will receive an email reminder that the Card is expiring. If your Card is not registered and it expires, you can contact the Key Customer Call Center at and request a refund for any Travel Wallet balance remaining on the card. Can I punch a hole in my Key Card to put it on a lanyard?

No, if you punch a hole you will damage the chip and antenna embedded inside the plastic and the Card will not work. Tap the case with the Card inside and wait for the green check indicating your fare has been paid. Most of the Key Cards look the same - will there be more than one type of Card?

We have been asked if customers can get a Key Card made up with a personal photo or other graphics. Customers can quickly check the balance on their Travel Wallet by tapping their Card at the card reader at all Fare Kiosks but that is the only thing that can be seen at the Fare Kiosk.

Customers who Register their Cards have two options - they can go online to check Travel Wallet balances, the number of rides left on a current Pass, as well as review their trip history, or they can contact the SEPTA Key Customer Call Center to get an update on both the Travel Wallet funds or rides left on their current Pass.

What if I need help at the Fare Kiosk? If you follow the screen prompts carefully, the Fare Kiosks are easy to use. But we know that it's going to take a little time to get fully used to this new system and equipment so we've made a number of short "how-to" videos on subjects like using the fare kiosk and registering your Card. We invite you to watch these videos for step by step instructions by visiting www.

Once the Cashiers make their transition to becoming Customer Attendants they will be out in the stations and ready to answer your questions. All of the Fare Kiosks have Braille and raised lettering labels, they have an audio function that converts the information on the screen to spoken instructions, and they have a jack for audio amplification equipment to support the completion of a transaction.

can you use septa key card at atm

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