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Chase credit card application backdoor number

Date: 03.01.2021
Author: Ravi Kamble

chase credit card application backdoor number

Unfortunately, you cannot currently check your Capital One credit card application status online. Chase Reconsideration Line. To contact a. › Credit Cards › Strategies & Guides. Has Chase rejected your credit card application? phone numbers for all the credit cards we recommend (including Chase and other issuers). chase credit card application backdoor number

Chase credit card application backdoor number -

You may be tempted to hang your head and rue a missed opportunity to earn even more miles. This is especially true of Chase, who have notoriously strict rules about how many of their credit cards you can have and apply for. So follow the rules below, crush the reconsideration phone call, and watch your miles balance go up. Chat Up the Credit Card Reps It seems simple, but these folks put up with a ton of crap each and every day.

Just being kind and pleasant already puts you ahead of the curve. Usually, the reps find this interesting and enjoy asking me further questions about it how long have you been doing that, do you enjoy it, where do you live now, etc. So I happily oblige them with some friendly chatter. This makes the call more enjoyable for both of us especially the rep. Is this the main reason that my reconsideration calls are successful? But they might not want to give you more total credit.

To remedy this, they might ask you to move some of your credit from an old card to the new card that you are applying for. Or, they might ask you to close an old card and use that credit line for the new card. Knowing how you plan to answer these basic questions should they arise will make the rep that much more inclined to approve your request. Never Mention the Signup Bonus Sure, the real reason you might want the new card is because of the signup bonus especially considering the hefty sign-up bonuses Chase regularly offers , but never tell the rep that.

This is what makes rule 3 so important. Instead of getting flustered or panicky and giving up an account right away, hit them with the reasons you outlined in rule 3 and tell the rep why you like each card. Sometimes, just this little bit of knowledge and confidence will be enough for the rep to grant you the new card without shifting any credit or closing an account. If that happens, great! If this happens, just tell them thank you, hang up, and try again.

Hang up, collect yourself, and call back. Make your plan, crush your reconsideration phone call, and get the Chase cards you want.

To make things easier, here are the reconsideration phone numbers for all the credit cards we recommend including Chase and other issuers : Chase Credit Card Reconsideration.

Sometimes another credit analyst will view your application chase credit card application backdoor number favorably. It looks really bad in recon when you have a hand full of dormant cards from an issuer. You seldom answer questions, instead, just enjoy the music and then you get approved or rejected, or further information is needed to be hand in to the branch or online faxed. You must hold your fate within your own hands. Responses are not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. It should look something like this. Do I always need to call reconsideration?

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