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Contact chase united credit card

Date: 04.01.2021
Author: Robert Spears

contact chase united credit card

Download Chase MobileĀ® and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The only problem I had was recently where I got a new phone number and my old number The online app and site make it IMPOSSIBLE to manage your money (that you have on a card in your bank account, not Barclays US Credit Cards. (Note, not all of these are explicit rules from Chase, but there are enough public data points to call them "guidelines" that you may want to consider before applying.). To check your personal Chase credit card application status by phone, call the application status line at For business.

Contact chase united credit card -

Chase has some of the best credit cards available for everyday spending. But if you're thinking about applying for that perfect Chase credit card, here are seven things you should know before hitting the submit button on your application. Note, not all of these are explicit rules from Chase, but there are enough public data points to call them "guidelines" that you may want to consider before applying.

Image source: Getty Images 1. That's a huge sign-up bonus even considering the big annual fee on the card and Chase didn't want people to sign up only to capitalize on that bonus. Chase may only approve you for two credit cards every 30 days. Again, in an effort to curb people trying to game the system and churn bonus offers, Chase will typically only approve customers for two credit cards per day rolling period.

So, if you have your eye on several different Chase credit cards, be sure to space out your applications. Besides, you'll have more time to meet the spending requirements to qualify for the lucrative sign-up bonuses.

Chase may deny an application if you've received the sign-up bonus on that card within the last 24 months Chase used to simply deny customers a second bonus within 24 months of receiving their last sign-up bonus on a specific credit card.

Now, it may deny applicants for the card outright. It added the following wording to its credit card information pages: "This product is available to you if you do not have this card and have not received a new cardmember bonus for this card in the past 24 months. But customers can no longer sign up for both cards at the same time. Despite some overlapping benefits for the two cards, cardholders could receive a sign-up bonus on each.

The rule also applies to the no annual fee Chase Sapphire credit card as well. This is another rule that helps Chase combat those looking to game the system.

If you've received either in the last 24 months, you may not be approved for either Chase Sapphire credit card. Chase may match you to higher sign-up bonuses within 90 days of approval. If you're worried about signing up for a credit card now because you think a better offer might come along later, don't be. Chase is very good about matching new customers to higher bonus offers if they come along shortly after customers sign up.

So, if you sign up for a 50, point offer, for example, and two months later Chase offers customers 60, points for the same credit card, you can ask for those extra 10, points. You just have to call or send a message through Chase's secure messaging service, and you can be considered for the bonus match but there might be additional spending requirements in order to receive the higher bonus.

Chase's match isn't a written policy, but it generally wants to keep you happy and start your relationship out on the right foot. Some Chase cardholders have reported deadlines as late as days after applying. At the very least, Chase will give you days following your approval to meet the minimum spending to account for the time it takes to ship the credit card. You just have to call or message Chase to find out by what date you have to meet the spending requirements.

Chase will mail your new card overnight if you ask If you need your card now -- like, right now -- Chase will expedite shipping at no additional cost, and you'll get your card in one or two days. If you have an emergency expense you want to put on the card, or you're worried about reaching the required spending by the bonus deadline, it may be worth it to call and ask.

If you're denied, call the reconsideration department to find out why. Chase may deny you for any number of reasons. If you're sure it's not one of the reasons listed above five cards in 24 months, or two Chase cards in 30 days , call the reconsideration department. They'll give you a reason why, and you can ask what you can do to get approved.

Sometimes it's as easy as lowering the credit limit on one of your existing Chase cards. Anyway, it doesn't hurt to give them a call: They protect against fraud far better than debit cards, help raise your credit score, and can put hundreds or thousands! But with so many cards out there, you need to choose wisely. About the Author.

contact chase united credit card

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