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How to open a business bank account chase

Date: 02.01.2021
Author: Shobhit Saxena

how to open a business bank account chase

: How to open a business bank account chase

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How to open a business bank account chase 467

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5 thought on How to open a business bank account chase

  • @Lisa B You're right, where you live does make a difference. We live in a smaller town in Michigan, so living isn't as crazy as bigger cities, but the pay also isn't that great around here either. Renting was killing us so we just last year bought our first little bitty house whose mortgage is cheaper than any rent around here. My husband is a landscaper so his work is seasonal (which stinks) so he doesn't get any benefits. We couldn't afford Obamacare so we got fined $900 every year at tax time for not being insured (so glad that's finally over). Husband just made the leap and started his own landscape company with his brother and so far is having a great year, so hopefully he and I can finally get insurance. It's just a little frustrating when others around us (who make waaay more money than we do) say how lucky we are that one of us gets to stay home with the kids and they wish they could...but it isn't luck, it's sacrifice. Some people live extravagantly and beyond their means and then whine that they don't get the luxury of being home when really just changing what they spend money on would totally make it possible for them. Once again, I know it's not possible for everyone, of course. I definitely hear you about the illegals getting stuff paid for. You see this a lot in Michigan too and it bothers me to see that when so many of our own citizens struggle. How can we help others if we can't even help ourselves?