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Access us bank credit card

Date: 12.01.2021
Author: nitesh jangir

access us bank credit card

Visa/Mastercard Fleet Program. Perform the following tasks using U.S. Bank Access® Online. Create and close cards and/or vehicles; Add and terminate drivers. login to begin. * = required. Organization Short Name:*. User ID:*. Password:*. Forgot your password? Register Online. Activate Your Card | Change Your PIN. Manage your Harley-Davidson® Visa® card with a few simple clicks! If you need assistance finding your way around, please call Cardmember Service at.

: Access us bank credit card

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Access us bank credit card Activate tcf card online
access us bank credit card

Access us bank credit card -

Full primary collision insurance on car rentals Customized card showing UW affiliation to enhance employee identification and tax savings. Any UW employee who travels on UW business at least once per year is encouraged to obtain and use the card for payment of their travel expenditures. The card is not intended to be used as a retail, revolving credit shopping card.

The procurement card is designed for purchase of products and non-travel related services. The travel card is to be used only for business travel related expenses.

The charges you make are captured in a database from which the UW System Travel Office can compile customized reports to negotiate favorable rates with hotels, car rental companies and other travel vendors. However, a card should only be obtained if the employee typically travels for business at least once a year. Students may not have a card s issued to them; however, when state funds or funds passing through state or university accounts are used for student airline tickets, travel agency service fees, lodging and card rental, use of a travel or purchasing card is mandatory.

Only the employee named on the card may carry the card s. Student personal credit cards or cash may be used for charges other than those stated here. Are there spending limits of any kind? What if I need to exceed the retail or credit limit on my card? Your UW program administrator will have the capability, where warranted, to change authorized limits on your travel card. Note: This will not be routinely done. Adequate documentation and justification will be necessary to increase a limit.

If you should attempt to exceed these limits, it will be necessary to obtain approval from your program administrator for that purchase.

For rare occasions where that occurs such as for payment of registration fees, the Institution Program Administrator can request an increase. Is there an annual fee for the Travel Card? There is no annual fee associated with the card. The US Bank Corporate Travel Card is an employee benefit designed to ease the travel burden for employees, eliminate travel advances and, from report driven spending information, enable the UW System to negotiate favorable contracts with other travel vendors.

There is a privacy concern with DOA monitoring travel card activity. Will they have access to individual credit card activity and information, or just summary level information for all the travel cards for the Institution?

May I use my card if my travel is UW business-related but not entirely reimbursed by the UW or includes some personal travel? It may then be used. Why does the University of Wisconsin System appear on the front of the card? The University of Wisconsin System chose to have its name on the card to provide name recognition and emphasize that the card is to be used for all business-related travel.

In addition, it was thought that having the UW presence on the card would help with employe identification to enhance the ability to obtain travel related discounts negotiated by the UW System and the Big It is your responsibility to cut up and return your card to US Bank or your institution program administrator before you terminate employment.

To apply for a Corporate travel card using the automated application tool, click here. What if I have bad credit? Will I be able to secure a Purchasing or Travel Card? The Purchasing Card is a state liability card so your credit rating is not applicable.

The credit check for state employees applying for the Travel Card is non-invasive per our contract with the bank. Therefore, all employees that apply for a Travel Card should receive one. However, should you fall behind on payments to the bank, the card could be cancelled. What is an internal credit scoring inquiry? US Bank maintains an internal database that is used to alert them to potential delinquencies; no external credit checks are performed.

How long will it take to obtain my card after I have applied and been approved? Approximately 8 to 10 calendar days. Is my account ready to use when I receive my card? You will need to call US Bank at the number on the front of the card to activate the travel card. When I call in to activate my card, what questions do I ask? When activating the card, an automated system will prompt you for the billing zip code and the last four digits of your social security number.

If you elect to transfer to a Customer Service Representative, they may use billing address or business phone for further verification. Benefits What are some of the cardholder benefits? For further information, please refer to the US Bank brochure that will be mailed with your travel card. Note: Any fees associated with emergency card replacement are the responsibility of the employee and are not reimbursable. Note: The UW System also has primary collision insurance with its contract car rental vendors for most domestic rentals and some foreign rentals.

If it should be necessary to rent for business reasons from a noncontract vendor, payment with your US Bank Corporate Travel Card is recommended, as it will negate the need to purchase the collision insurance. Your institution or department will have the opportunity to establish a Central Travel Account through US Bank with our contract travel agencies to permit direct payment of airfare. When you purchase an airline ticket, the cost for the ticket will be charged to that entity, not to your travel card.

You will still indicate the amount of your airfare on your travel expense report in the direct-billed column but will not claim reimbursement. Contact your Travel Card Administrator for more information Is there travel accident insurance coverage? Can I designate a beneficiary for the travel accident insurance? Benefits are paid to the first surviving of your spouse, children, parents, siblings, or to your estate. Does the card provide lost or damaged luggage protection?

How does the new card affect my membership in car rental clubs such as Emerald Club or existing profiles with travel agencies?

You will need to update your records with those entities so their files show your US Bank Corporate Travel Card number as your payment mechanism. Your membership numbers and privileges will not be affected. Is there a limit to the frequency with which I can obtain cash? What are the charges relating to the access of cash?

It will appear on the cardholder statement. In addition, a fee may be assessed by the bank owning the ATM. To minimize the fees associated with cash advances, employees should only withdraw the anticipated cash needed for a business trip. On cash advance, what are the fees? Are these fees reimbursable? Fees may be reimbursable in accordance with UW System travel policy.

What if I need more cash than that? Because of the worldwide merchant acceptance of VISA, the need for cash advances is greatly reduced. However, your program administrator will have the capability, with proper justification, to increase the limit on a card by card basis. Can I pay online? However, you do have the option to set up either a telepay or autopay process. Telepay: You are able to call into an automated system to have an amount deducted from your checking or savings account upon request.

You should call each month to arrange for this type of payment. Autopay: You can pre-establish that the total amount due or a previously set amount will automatically be deducted from your checking or savings account each month. You should call to make this arrangement. Of course, payment by check is always an option. Is there a fee to set up telepay or autopay? You only need to complete and submit the appropriate form. Both forms can be obtained through Customer Service at Do I have to have a US Bank checking account in order to set up telepay or autopay?

US Bank is able to set up telepay or autopay deductions from any financial institution. If I print my statement from Access Online, will I also receive on in the mail? The statement you are viewing in Access Online is actually a scanned image of the statement that has already been printed and mailed to you.

Both cardholders and Program Administrators will need this log-in in addition to their own individual password for access to Access Online. What is the closing date on my statement? Your account cycles on the 23rd of each month at which time a statement is produced. This day may vary slightly if weekends or holidays are involved. Does the policy include late fees and interest charges? Are the fees and due date based on the cycle date?

The cycle date for the State of Wisconsin Travel Program is the 23rd of each month. The payment is due in full 30 days after this date. Should I wait for the US Bank bill to submit my travel expense report? You may submit your travel expense report with required receipts at the conclusion of your trip. It is important that timely expense reports are submitted to ensure prompt reimbursement whether payment is made by each individual employee or through a central payment system set up by your institution.

Note: Your US Bank statement is not acceptable documentation for reimbursable claims. Is it important to reconcile my statement each month? Even though you may have been reimbursed for your business expenses, you should review your statement for accuracy. This will ensure that your account always remains in proper balance.

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