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Garnier bb cream benefits

Date: 14.01.2021
Author: Janki Meena

garnier bb cream benefits

It offers all day shine control while your skin is reaping skin care benefits from a BB cream. The fact that a BB cream contains so many products in one makes it the. Check out Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream SPF 24/PA+++ reviews, colors, price, benefits, how to use, side effects, rating & more information here and buy. Shop Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream Light, the 5-in-one BB Cream which BB stands for Beauty Balm, which combines all the benefits of your beauty.

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Garnier bb cream benefits -

I'm not a daily user of BB Creams as I have annoyingly hard to cover dark circles under my eyes and quite blotchy skin a lot of the time, so I've found most BB Creams don't provide enough coverage for me most days.

I do own a few BB Creams that I wear when I'm just doing stuff around the house, attending the gym, going to the beach or having quick coffee date with a friend, for those times when I don't want to wear anything too heavy on my skin and am only looking for something to even out my overall skin appearance.

Sadly this product was not a hit for me, firstly the colour I got the light. I should point out to those who aren't aware this product is only available in two shades i. The colour did not blend with my skin tone at all, it left my skin looking very orange and with obvious dark patches in areas. To achieve more coverage with my regular BB Cream I'd just apply a thicker layer of the cream, but with how orange this product looked on my skin when I only applying a very thin layer, applying a thicker layer of Garniers BB Cream to improve the coverage was definitely not an option for me.

So if you're a fair skinned person with cool undertones like myself this BB Cream is probably not for you hopefully Garnier look into expanding their colour range in the future. I have to say though that I did like the texture of the cream and found it did spread well on my skin, but as pointed out previously it provided me with little to no coverage if it wasn't for the colour being so off I don't think I would have noticed much more coverage than if I'd just applied my ordinary moisturizer.

The other issue I have with this product is it has quite an overpowering scent that lasts on the skin for quite a while. The scent was so overpowering for me personally that it gave me a headache the first time I used it I didn't get a headache the second time around, though I didn't apply as much or wear it for as long as I did the first time I used it and applied it in a well ventilated room.

So for those like myself with sensitively to strong scents probably avoid this product or atleast apply it in a very well ventilated area and only use a thin layer. I ended up giving this product to my sister who's skin tone is a few shades darker and much warmer toned compared to my own She is the lucky sibling who was gifted with my dad's olive colourings.

For myself and my fair skinned siblings the merest brush with direct sunlight will result in us adopting a lobster like appearance, lose the ability to sit, sleep or shower comfortably and having to deal with unsightly skin molting for 1 to 2 weeks afterwards. My sister likes the product and had been wearing it on her days off up until recently, she's stopped wearing is as much these past few weeks as she's found it's not great on her skin in the hotter weather.

She's found that in hotter weather it starts to look a bit cakey after an hour or two, and doesn't go on as smoothly because of her skin being oiler. So if you have quite oily skin you may find that this product is not suitable for your skin type due to it's poor application ease and that it lacks the ability to last all day on oily skin.

So although this product is not for me due to: - The colour containing to much orange and the lightest shade being a shade or two too dark for me. Any Tips? It only comes in light and medium, so very limited colour options.

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: Garnier bb cream benefits

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Mobil one oil filter size Cosmetics BB Cream SPF 20 Ideal for both dry and oily skin, this BB cream will give garnier bb cream benefits skin a natural look while also providing even coverage and protection from the sun. Your skin can reap the benefits of several products from one application. Available in a variety of darker shades, this BB creme will help even out skin and provide a nice glow. What should I look for when purchasing a BB cream? That said, there are some cons you may want to consider before purchasing a product: They may lighten skin. If your skin tends to be oilythe moisturizer garnier bb cream benefits a BB cream may be enough.
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garnier bb cream benefits

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