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M&p shield 9mm

m&p shield 9mm

The Smith and Wesson Shield Magazine features a stainless steel construction with a polymer baseplate and finger rest. This black finish magazine has a capacity. The M&P 9 Shield EZ is a pistol in a size and configuration that makes it rather easy to carry concealed. While it is larger than its original Shield. M&P Shield M M&P®9 SHIELD M™ Manual Thumb Safety. Configure. State Compliance No Restrictions. Caliber 9mm Luger. Sight White Dot.

M&p shield 9mm -

I suppose if I had to break bad and nit nut, my only OCD would be; the springs were not as stiff as I'd hopefully imagined but then again, they seldom are. However, I flawlessly spent rounds of grain FMJ cartridges thru them the following day and respectively found absolutely zero worthy compliments to noticeably speak of on my abnormally picky part.

No malfunctions or feeding issues of any varieties so all is seemingly rite as rain thus far and good as gold! Always take advantage of the deeply discounted savings of today, for they will inevitably allow you too delightfully deplete your temporally deeper pockets at the fun range tomorrow. Stand steady, aim small, accurately asses, and safely shoot straight when confidently ready to forever fire!

I bought these 8 rd mags over the 7 rds, for two reasons: they allow one more round to be carried and, the longer mag gives me a better, solid grip. But if you have small hands, the shorter one may fit you ok. Plus, the shorter ones conceal better. But I'd rather deal with a slightly longer mag to conceal than compromise a good grip. This all boils down to a personal preference, like any aspects of CCW.

They all fit exactly as the mags that came with the firearm, and all freely drop cleaning when released, so tactical reloads are unimpaired. The springs are tight, but that is to be expected with new magazines like this, so they just need a little work. As long as they are maintained properly, they should last a long time. These appear to be quality mag's that engage easily and drop free. So far I have had no failures to feed or failure of any sort. Note though, although this is my carry gun, it is not shot as much as my full size MP 9 by any means.

Yes I know, but that's just how it is. Often times, knockoffs from China and other parts of world simply do not fit properly and I had them actually fall out when shooting.

The springs are usually made out a lesser grade metal and become weak and even fail after a few years, Again, I all about saving money and looking for a deal Quality manufacturing Spacer at base adds. Some complain about the spacer being loose and having a gap, but it works well There are some cheaper alternatives out there. Original manufacturer items when it comes to spare clips Has functioned perfectly thus far Springs are tight when brand new A speed loader helps for faster reload times with less work

Note though, although this is my carry gun, it is not shot as much as my full size MP 9 by any means. Both the front and rear sights are dove-tailed into the slide, and can be horizontally drifted to adjust for windage correction. While it is larger than its original Shield namesake, m&p shield 9mm is still rather compact. M&p shield 9mm one thing that did give me a bit of trouble m&p shield 9mm the front sight. I later ran some fast shooting strings, with 4 shots in 1 second to a torso target, followed by one round to the face. But I'd rather deal with a slightly longer mag to conceal than compromise a good grip. The slide-stop lever and takedown-lever are located in the traditional positions and neither got in my way when running the gun.

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M\u0026P Shield 9mm EZ

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