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Verizon business account manager review

Date: 14.01.2021
Author: ramanand kumar

verizon business account manager review

Being able to manage different account and talking to different people was amazing. The work life balance was not something that was enjoyable. Working weekends due to the company cutting staff and support for the business channel put a lot of stress and pressure on the team. Verizon is a high demand company. Verizon smb. — Account Manager SMB, Akron, OH. Recommend. CEO Approval. Business Outlook. Pros. Fun environment in the store at the time. Average salary for Verizon Business Account Manager in Us: $ Based on salaries posted Overview Overview. 23k Reviews.

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Verizon business account manager review -

This is a 2 day ordeal. Day 1 I have 6 pizza delivery restaurants national chain and only one of them has Verizon Land Line service. The other 5 are ATT and Telenational.

We had a lot of rain on Friday and our phones stopped working, which happens quite often at this location due to the age of the equipment I believe. Went through multiple people including a supervisor and this was the best they claimed they could do. I have a monthly Walmart phone that I activate and use for these kinds of problems.

I have the main line forwarded to it so that we can still continue to take orders and keep our business going. I knew from a previous issue with Verizon that I would need to get this phone number added to my account or they would not forward to it. Here begins the problem! I called Verizon and after being on hold for 15 minutes I informed tech support that I wanted to add the cell phone number. They claimed they could not do it and passed me on to a supervisor. Supervisor claimed it would need to be handled via the business office and transferred me to them.

Business office claimed they could not do and transferred me back to Tech support. Tech support claimed they could not do it and that the business office is supposed to handle this so they transferred me back. They hung up on me instead.

This was a 45 minute! Called Verizon back and went through options to get to Tech Support. Waited on hold for 15 minutes and then decided to try a second avenue. I hung up and called back and selected to add options to my account at which point I was able to get someone on the phone immediately. We can see from this where their resources are located.

I explained to him I wanted to add the cell phone number to my account and after some confusion he thought I wanted a cell phone we started working on the problem. He put me on hold while working on the issue, checking back on me repeatedly this was a positive at least and he seemed genuine in trying to resolve the issue He continuously apologized for the amount of time it was taking. He got the phone number added and then set it up to forward.

Before hanging up I asked if we could check it. He said sure, but of course, it did not work. We spent another roughly 15 minutes trying to figure out what was going on and he finally decided to transfer me to a tech support agent to see if they could help.

Explained to tech we were trying to forward the phones to the cell number on my account. He started working on the issue but after about 5 minutes he stated it was taking awhile to process and that he would call me back once it was completed. I informed him he could reach me on my personal cell phone and made sure he had that number.

I was forwarded to the tech the automated machine stated I had talked to last. This ended up being the first tech I had talked to that evening. She had gone to lunch and come back she claimed and was surprised I was still trying to resolve the issue. As I was talking to her a call came in on my cell and I asked her to hold. I was a customer wanted to place an order! After all of this, they had forwarded the number to my personal Cell phone rather that the work cell phone!!

I gave the customer the number, explained what was going on and asked him if he could call that number to place his order. I switched back to Verizon and told them what had happened and asked if she could change the forward to the correct number. She then stated that the number had not been forwarded. What followed was a long back and forth me stating that It had been forwarded since I was receiving calls and her stating that it was not showing in her system, therefore there was nothing she could do about it.

After staying calm for 2. Calls are continuing to come into my phone so finally after she listening to her repeatedly stating there was nothing she could do, I hung up and started taking orders. A little over 2 hours later, we slowed down enough that I tried Verizon again to see if I could resolve the issue because I did not want to leave my personal phone at the store for 5 days. I called Verizon again and reached a new tech support person.

I explained everything that had happened up to this point and then asked if we could please forward the phone to the correct number. She claimed she could not forward it to another line. She claimed she could not forward it back to the original line. She claimed there was nothing she could do.

This went back and forth, me claiming we did it earlier, why cant we do it now and her continuing to claim there was nothing she could do. So we ended up going without phones for the last 3 hours of our night. Day 2 Checked lines at store and they are still down. I called Verizon to see if I could get someone that could forward the lines again. I brought tech support tech up to speed on everything that had occurred only to be told she could not forward the line because it tested good.

So, again started a back and forth, me stated they were down and did it yesterday and her stating she could not do it. Once again I had to ask for a supervisor and after about 10 minutes we were able to get the lines forwarded.

This supervisor was also able to move the repair date up to Monday. Seriously, This should not be this complicated! I understand there are fraud issues , but once I have verified my identity this should have been a simple fix. I really wonder if there is any type of training done with their employees. I could understand an issue with a single employee, but this was a lot of different people I dealt with.

verizon business account manager review Verizon created verizon business account manager review solutions to help businesses communicate more efficiently, reliably, and quickly with the help of their innovative tools. Learn more about Fios by Verizon for your business. I was a customer wanted to place an order! Nov 25, Verizon Connect. Led sales calls with team members to establish sales and customer retention goals. I guess the only place to go when you're at the bottom is up. Determined merchandise price schedules and discount rates.

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