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Iboc church dallas live

Date: 01.02.2021
Author: kids grow

iboc church dallas live

The demonstration came just over a week after The Dallas Morning News published for more than an hour, Rush streamed a live service online from inside. Pastor Rickie Rush of the Inspiring Body of Christ church on the. mega churches in Dallas, Texas is the Inspiring Body of Christ (IBOC) church. Keep your faith fed by God's Word and join us LIVE online by clicking the. Watch service live @ Tonight's subject: "Talk Me Back" (​continued from last See more of Inspiring Body of Christ Church on Facebook.

Iboc church dallas live -

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iboc church dallas live

Iboc church dallas live -

Gotta admit tho, it took a few years to acquire at taste for Rickie Rush. Long story short, I started visit other churches, then last year, IBOC started to become stuck on me. Got a t-shirt and everything. Glad you liked the place.

Pastor Rush seems so genuine and engaging. The Lord bless! October 30, at pm Bdperry7 My Lord and savior Jesus had fish and he used the fish to feed the thousands of women, children and men. God bless you all June 9, at am News In the body of christ there are many members.

We, the sheep have our place in the body and so do the pastors. They are sent to help with the word from the bible. Be careful when you scorn them or doubt there ability to do what God has called them to do. If you do not trust them be your own pastor and that way you can put your mouth on yourself. Oh, by the way if you did not tithe there you have no say so anyway.

Is it possible the tank,fish and the water are all donated by people who believe the vision to bring people to christ through a visual display of Gods awsome wonders. Many people are visual. This blog demonstrates Gods progression of his word because it challenges the small interpretation we have of him. Feeding poor people for a day is nothing compared to feeding them with the word of God so they can feed themselves for the rest of their life.

Our only purpose in life is to win people to christ. If a fish tank draws someone in to get a word to change their life mission accomplished.

Where is your tank or whatever you use. Is it small or is it large. It does not matter use it. I was not drawn to the fish aquariums or the building.

My mother is a member and invited me to come and listen to the Word that was being taught because of the situation I was going through at the time which happened to be at a smaller church. Pastor Rush did not know me from Mary but told me everything I was going through and the ways Satan was attacking me, through the message God had given him to teach.

Not only that, he then gave me us the words to take to God in prayer. I have yet to have a private one on one conversation with him. I attended only Monday school for a year and then decided to join. After that I started attending Sunday services. I have been there a little over 2yrs now.

I pay my tithes because the Holy Spirit and scripture teaches me to do so. Do I care where the money goes? Although I do thank him for letting God use him as a vessel to help those who are truly seeking God.

For me, I am happy to see Men and Women of God prosper and live the abundant life no matter what level it is. MARK Pastor Rush has been preaching 42 years.. Do any of you know what all he has given up? TITUS July 9, at am Sis Toni sorry News September 13, at pm Reality Check Real wonderful building that provides nothing for the community and all for that particular church. Questions: Why do thos who work up under such a loving pastor struggle?

He has at least 4 cars last time I was at his home. Rickie lives on acres, in Frost Farms in Desoto. How could he afford that while claiming to never have a raise?

Where did the money come from?? Horses which costs upwards of a week to feed. The people at iboc are financing the dream and lifestyle of a manipulative pastor.

When it gets exposed FULLY…remember you read it here 1st December 20, at pm Rh3amorris Excuse me reality check let me tell you that what happens is going to happen and my pastor is just following the will of god he might of mad some mistakes over the time but hes human just like you. Unless you would like to complain anymore!

I would like to as k you to shut your mouth and just tell God. I hope you ask for forgiveness. May God god bless you December 31, at pm Gabrial Reality check. God said NOT to put things up for you on earth for he has a mansion for you in heaven. Jones town believe their pastor was a man of faith. Look where they wound up listening to him. May Almighty God have mercy on your soul and I pray you wake up to the truth before its to late.

January 6, at am Winner Reality Check…….. To me that sounds like those people you are referring to were getting paid. Lord knows if you have a job you better not be struggling financially at ALL!!! Since you posted this comment I know you are financially set sarcasm. July 15, at pm timesha mcfan Exactly and i mean how can the people not see right through it get real!!! In the meantime, pray for him!

Keep your faith in God not any man. December 20, at pm Reality Check Thanks for responding, I submit to you that his teachings, teach his congregation to deify him and he teaches that the church building is synonymous with God. Anyways, you write well, hope to catch more of your future bloggings. Pastor is a funny person and he cares for the children at the chruch. He breaks down the message down so good that even the kids could under stand him.

IBOC is on S. Westmoreland Rd. Pastor Rush is a fireball! He seems to love the Lord! This was demonstrated at the last service I attended there where he told all the members that it was our fault that we still had empty chairs in our building, we were supposed to be fishing them in — therefore bringing them in to Rickie, not to Christ.

May God do a mighty work in that ministry before they suffer a plunder at the hands of man. We as a Church need to have our eyes cast on Christ and no Pastor. Christ is our Salvation, our Rock and Our Comfort.

Pastors are fallible men who need to point to Christ. Keep in the Word! I have changed and i see the change. Trust Him and allow Him to purify you. Keep it up! For a tenth of that cost the church could have built a beautiful sanctuary, with more than enough room for their dwindling congregation, and a still have a wonderful aquarium centerpiece.

I think they could have given the difference back to the city of Dallas. Dallas is struggling with gangs, drugs, homelessness, children in need…and so much more. What ever happened to humility? To denigrate the all good the IBOC Church does for the Dallas community, which you are clearly ignorant of, by criticizing an improvement to a place of God clearly does not make sense. Before you make such a gross assumption, I encourage you to contact Pastor Rush yourself and simply ask him how much money the church has spent on community outreach and addressing some, or all, of the issues you mentioned.

Additionally, church financial reports are easily accessible over the internet, or by request at the facility. Also, think about all of the multi-million dollar office buildings, and theatres we come into contact with everyday. Now think about the significance of a church being the nicest place you attend all week. I frankly see nothing wrong with that as long as other issues are being tended to, which they are at IBOC.

I would also like to point out the hypocrisy of your argument. You obviously typed that post on a computer. It is very possible to live in a strictly minimalist fashion, but think about your quality of life alone in the woods somewhere living off the land. November 6, at pm BMac I just watched the television program showing the unveiling of the 57, gallon aquarium.

God is shamed by this greedy man! And the congregation should hang their heads as they cross the threshold of this monument to excess. Everything that is wrong with organized religion is embodied in this facility. Go to their website, you will find that it is currently under construction, but they already have links to for online giving and an online store.

This does nothing more than prey on the beliefs of people who want so desperately to believe in something.

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